while arrangements for the disposal method

One evening in early spring, the sky, such as ink.Albion Online Gold Bo is on duty received the order: the situation is urgent, quickly out of the police.
Cruiser immediately sent to gallop to do. As head of the Bo side guide loaded with the same group of comrades finishing, while arrangements for the disposal method, since the incident from close, just 35 seconds on to the scene.
The scene of the grim than expected: Tibia Gold“! Now disposal” thugs crazy chase passers-by, several Molotov cocktails braved the billowing smoke …… Bo with gesture command team to move forward. A mob cast two Molotov cocktails, Bo escaped after the attack warning shots. Not only did not stop the mob, but lunged to Bo, Bo and his comrades agile work together, decisively their uniforms.
Bo in the forward search,GW2 Gold a mob wielding machetes suddenly rushed out from behind a car. Bo sideways a hide, nose pierced his left arm, the blood, such as injection. Murderous thugs wielding machetes again, Bo left cheek was also cut open a hole 12 cm long. Staggering in Bo fell to the ground, the mob again lift up sword, Bo instinctively on the potential of a roll, pull the trigger …… mob fell to the ground, Bo also fainted due to excessive bleeding.
Bo was sent to the county People’s Hospital, the doctor on duty that night at the scene of Hong Yueyang filed so far is full of admiration.
Hong Yueyang told reporters,swtor credits Li Bo was face blood, badly injured, has been in a severe coma, but tightly holding bombs. Immediately wanted to give him treatment, he did not think he put the gun to hold tightly. Just when they are ready to remove the gun, Bo actually opened his eyes, and with a weak voice, said: “! Where are my comrades, we must first put the gun to him.”
In desperation, Hong Yueyang had recruited his comrades Zheng. After watching Zheng Bo test gun, fishes medical staff, he said: “Now the treatment of it.” His indomitable will and spirit of obedience, such as iron, deeply touched everyone.
The key moment burst out of power, from the usual beat thousands of times tempered
A heroic combat achievement may be accidental, but powerful hero Brave emboldened many times only to beat the tempered form.
Later someone asked Li Bo: Tera Gold“What is the power to let you in the case of seriously wounded, still desperate struggle with thugs?”
“Instinct. Quitting brave victory. Usually practice the skill, training bleeding, in order to have this reaction on the battlefield.” Bo replied caused officers resonance.
Instructor Xing Xiaohui said: “Bo strong ambition, no matter with whom he must race with.” He told reporters about the Bo Ikunori heart of the battlefield, determined Jingwu story.
By then recruits did not take long, the squad leader Sgt million Fang Yi Bo received the gauntlet issued: he wants to monitor than hundred million. To know Yi held squadron billion square meter record for several years no one break, the news in the squadron raged.