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To further study the ecological and environmental protection work in the fifa 18 coin website, further focused, clear direction, strengthen measures, formed a system of ideas fifa 18 coin website work program and push forward to strengthen the party with responsibility and continue to form a pair of responsibility, ecological civilization construction fifa 18 coin website environmental protection work of a powerful force. According to the law should be serious accountability, inspectors found buy mut coins, to Instructed relevant fifa 18 coin website to further in-depth investigation, clarify responsibilities, and according to the relevant provisions of serious accountability. The inspector stressed that the fifa 18 coin website provincial Party committee, the provincial government should according to the madden mobile cheap coins protection inspector program (Trial) > and inspector feedback fifa 18 coin website, study and formulate rectification plan, within 30 working days, submitted to the State Council for the implementation of the rectification and rectification plan. According to fifa 18 coin website relevant provisions in a timely manner to the public.