this will also be 2k vc Thunder coach Donovan prepared for the second war against the focus

However, let the little little trouble is the Beverly “dog skin plaster” personal defense. Obviously, this will also be the Thunder coach Donovan prepared for the second war against 2k vc focus. Of the nine errors that were included in the fee, four were given by Beibei Li, and the two were wound in almost the whole field. Wei less 2 times in the dribble directly cut off, and in 2k vc air connection Adams was Bei Feili jumped to block, even more helpless is the prestige of the use of strong shock in exchange for
nba 2k mt buy An offensive foul, Beverly at all the physical confrontation and Wei brakes. The face of Beverly’s entanglement, Wei less but no “calm and calm” response.

The same is the single-core led, Wei less once in the offensive end was disturbed rhythm to be controlled, the Thunder will be difficult to make a difference, even in the game defensive Robinson in the 2k vc offensive end of the amazing performance, but nba 2k17 coins buy other 2k vc players walk Equivalent to the offensive for the rocket “fuel on fire.” A fiasco can make the Thunder clearly see the problem, then, how to get rid of Beverly limited, Thunder what X factors will come out, with these questions look forward to April 20 the first round of the second war.