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“They searched the woods yesterday, small corner, but I think they should mut coins cheap the garage area, there are about more than 20 garage.” during the interview the reporters came, FBI staff reshuffle, rest mut coins cheap buy food. They sent a police officer in the suspects living first floor entrance guard, and forbids any outsiders. Later FBI from the shops to buy large packing mut coins cheap and bag, the suspect home evidence in case a box. The suspect refused to explain the whereabouts of Zhang Yingying according to local police, the suspect has mut coins cheap silent on being asked, just to kidnap Zhang Yingying denied. When the police asked several times he hid Zhang Yingying where the coins in madden mobile 18 People are said to be a mut coins cheap, and keep quiet. Police are trying to collect evidence. The United States is a visiting scholar at Northwestern University, China University of Political Science and mut coins cheap Institute of science evidence postdoctoral Liu Shiquan June 30th said in an interview with Xinhua, about the whereabouts of Zhang Yingying, the United States still mut coins cheap investigation. “Now the American police need further legal science report, for example. Biological evidence, including trace evidence, to further identify mut coins cheap and where Zhang Yingying was killed.” Liu Shiquan said: “the legal science inspection report is very important, the police told me the report takes several weeks, I mut coins cheap that about two to three weeks there will be cheap madden mobile coins. If the test goes well, estimated to be faster to announce the news. We still have to wait for police authority reply”