the defendant fifa 18 coins Peng Yuhua

the defendant Peng Yuhua, Li Mingzhe subverts the government in the case of Hunan Province, fifa 18 coins City Intermediate People’s court held a public hearing. The prosecutor accused, since 2012,The defendant Peng fifa 18 coins has created a series of QQ group, to the defendant Li Mingzhe and other dozens of domestic and foreign mut coins government and the socialist system of fifa 18 coins with the staff, have been established to subvert the state power, to overthrow the basic political system established by the constitution of the organization “plum company.” fifa 18 coins Yu Hua, Li Mingzhe also through the network platform and the line of the party. The members of the organization to intervene, hot speculation events occurred in fifa 18 coins in recent years to publish slander, attack the government, the basic system nba coins the state through the speech, distorted the facts, the use of public opinion to provoke fifa 18 coins people hostile to the government and the socialist system, slander and attack China government and the socialist system, in an attempt to subvert state power, to overthrow the fifa 18 coins system,