AION: Update 4.5 Brings the Aethertech to Europe

Version 4.5 of multiple Aion Kinah award winning fantasy MMO AION Free to Play launches today in all European language versions. The most striking addition of this update is the second class specialisation for the Engineer. Starting at level 10, players can now, if Fifa 14 Ultimate team Coins
desired, slip into the role of the well-protected Aethertech. On top of this, the update is also brings eight new instances to the South Katalam, the Katalam Underground and the upper Abyss.

The Aethertech’s weapon is the Aether Key, which can be used both as a powerful striking weapon and also as the tool for summoning their Mech. This technological masterpiece draws all attacks, protecting fellow combatants from damage. In battle, they are to be found on the front lines and work well as tanks.