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Dick told a London radio interview said that in the fifa 18 coins few years, the British police foiled a “large” terrorist attacks conspiracy. She encouraged British residents to fifa 18 coins clues for the police, blocking more plots. This year Britain has been attacked four times, three of which occurred in London, one in Manchester, a total of It killed more than 30 fifa 18 coins. The new report by Kuwait based Arabia investment and mut coins Credit Corp released China is the main investor in Arabia, the total investment in 2016 amounted to $29 fifa 18 coins 500 million, accounting for up to 31.9%. of the report the main results of the United Nations UNCTAD released “World Investment Report” on 2017, and reference FDI data fifa 18 coins all over the world. The report shows that the United Arab Emirates to $9 billion in 2016 to accept the Arabia National Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) first, followed by Egypt fifa 18 coins Saudi Arabia. Arabia national FDI rose from $24 billion 600 million in 2015 to $30 billion 800 million in 2016, accounting for 1.8% of madden mobile coins total global FDI and FDI 4.8%.