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The beginning of the heart does not forget, a veteran of the Shen fifa 18 coin website promise wish, due to the influence of camp.1978, Shen Rubo became a glorious people’s Liberation Army soldiers. His “fifa 18 coin website class” monitor even in “learn from Lei Feng” often monitor model. Take the lead in doing good for local people. I see in the eyes, also to like Lei Feng, to make fifa 18 coin website good. Once, Shen Rubo saw a < one hundred thousand > why in the instructor there, the mind had an idea: “this life I buy cheap mut coins to be 100 thousand Good thing. From that fifa 18 coin website, he set a goal for himself, to do several things every day, painting “is” the word recorded in the notebook, keep it up. The artillery in the army, he was awarded the “fifa 18 coin website gunner” title; in class, he raised chickens and pigs and forest vegetables, dry line a love for the party. Unremittingly do good, has been rated as “Lei Feng activists”. fifa 18 coin website of the outstanding performance, third years in the army, Shen Rubo became a member of the Communist Party. China troops stationed nearby, there is a two old fifa 18 coin website are over seventy, no children, suffering from the disease in the coins madden mobile, by planting seedlings survive. “Uncle aunt, after I was your child.” Shen Rubo on a weekly basis to the fifa 18 coin website to engage in health, wash clothes,