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Supercell launched the two popular games — “and” tribal conflict “in the” Chinese island jones. First to talk about “tribal conflict”, the game was first released in 2012, almost no localization. Many Chinese players also remember, when this game is not even the fifa 16 coins buy online version. However, it in China gave birth to a called “COC” new game types, that is “tribal conflict” instant defense / strategy. As far as the island, Raiders, supercell decided to Kunlun game cooperation, the fifa 16 coins buy online market marketing, but did not on gameplay done revise ((Pocket gamer). “Island Jones” income and downloads are more than “tribal conflicts”. “Tribal conflict” and “Jones island” were among the China iOS revenue list TOP 20 fifa 16 coins buy online and eleventh (THINK GAMING). This fully proved to work together with China’s strong distribution partners can accelerate the development of
In 2013, “vs.Zombies2 Plants” (zombies) landed in china. The United fifa 16 coins buy online of the game for the United States to complete the game and the depth of the fifa 16 coins buy online localization. First, the game is known as the Chinese players. In a few months after the launch of the zombies 2, they have released a whole new game — the zombies 2: Kung-Fu (World), the Chinese players are more fifa 16 coins buy online with the game (WIKIA). Second, in the core gameplay, increased the contents of each fifa 16 coins buy online players will be able to understand, including: Xiantao plant, ordinary Kung Fu zombie, drinking monk zombies. They have even fifa 16 coins buy online the system design, creating a specific item that can be purchased with a hard currency, which is richer than the Western version of POLYGON (). The U.S. Electr Arts Inc also uses a free business model, rather than pay download mode. In eso gold kaufen, the first three days in the game set up a pay wall, which seems likely to be too radical in the Western players, but in accordance with the Chinese standards can be accepted in the design. fifa 16 coins buy online a result, revenue grew by 32% (POLYGON). In China last year, the game has become the fourth largest source of revenue (POLYGON) for the U.S. Electr Arts Inc’s Micro transactions. At the same time, the game in China’s fifa 16 coins buy online topped the list, becoming the top of the total revenue list of mobile games (POLYGON). Obviously, the strategy worked.