air conditioning sued GREE fifa 18 coins

air conditioning sued GREE for infringement of its “axial flow fan” of the invention patent, asked fifa 18 coins to immediately stop the infringement and pay related. Tort compensation fee of 30 fifa 18 coins yuan; in June 26th, the U.S. air conditioning sued GREE for infringement of its two utility model patents, asked GREE to stop the infringement, and to the total GREE claims 10 fifa 18 coins yuan. In the air conditioning and the white field, the fierce competition in the industry, patent has become the main “selling point” of GREE, Midea, Haier in references to fifa 18 coins enterprise’s own competitiveness mainly referred to the patent. In the air conditioning industry has matured, the patent has become another popular competitive fifa 18 coins. The GREE air conditioning manufacturers and intensive The patent war is built on both sides have the huge patent pool, is well-matched in madden coins opponents. According to fifa 18 coins information, as of 2016, the cumulative patent has already amounted to more than 26000, which in 2016 the whole group applied for 5562 patents. At the end of 2016, GREE’s fifa 18 coins 15862 pieces of authorization the year 2016 patent, 5976 patents, including 3662 invention patents, authorized 871 patents. Orville yunwang (AVC) Research Institute fifa 18 coins Yanbin believes that the patent battle objectively can play a role to attract attention, perhaps up to tens of millions of dollars on advertising effect of advertising is not up to fifa 18 coins high quality of the patent. A large number of enterprises, is a scientific madden mobile coins and technological innovation ability of the muscle show, is also a manifestation of a fifa 18 coins in the market competition.