he boot Fut Coins with which

he boot Fut Coins with which Mario Gotze struck the FIFA World Cup winning goal this year has raised 2m for the German charity event “A Heart for Children”, the organisers have revealed.

The 22-year-old Bayern Munich star donated to the charity the left boot with which he scored the only goal, in extra-time, aginst Argentina and seal Germany’s fourth World Cup title in Brazil.

All of the money will go to the German charity which helps disadvantaged children.

“That is overwhelming, I would have never dreamed of such a figure, Gotze told German daily Bild. “Two million is such a huge sum, the good thing is that it’s for a good cause and not just for a boot.

2014 FIFA World Cup Group Stage

2014 FIFA World Cup Group Stage

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limit my search to /r/socceruse the following search parameters to narrow your results:see the search faq for details. The others don matter. Neto would be my choice, as he a tall physical yet fast player. Costa is Valencia captain, and is more experienced. Midfield will change as well I think. William Carvalho will be playing either in Meireles or Veloso place. The keeper will also be changed, but there no downgrade to that, as Eduardo or Beto are decente keepers (maybe even better than Patricio, who fucks up in big games). A midfield with William Carvalho in it is definitely stronger, a strong minded goalkeeper won hurt and der playing up front should be the norm. Playing a inexperienced defensive midfielder (that sometimes plays RB) as a LB will definitely be harmful, nonetheless, I feel like nothing has gone to waste, I am used to this type of screwing up from this assholes.

Let just assume that Germany wins all 3 games, accumulating 9 points. That leaves a maximum of 6 points for Portugal and the USA, only 3 points for Ghana.

So with a draw against Portugal, the US team chances are actually pretty good. Especially since, if Germany already has 6 points and is leading against the US with 2 goals in the last game, I would assume that Jogi Lw would slow the game down, take the most important players of the pitch to not risk anything and maybe help is friend Jrgen a bit. (Further, since the opponents after the group stage, Belgium, Russia, Korea, are all about equally beatable, there isn too much pressure to absolutely secure no. 1 in the group stage.)

That would leave the US with 2 goals ahead of Portugal. I not too sure if Portugal is in shape to win with more than +2 goals against Ghana. So a draw would already help the US team a lot. I, however, think that the US team is capable of winning against a Portugal, which will be missing key players. The US has to deal with injuries too, but I believe that JK is able to change the team and tactics according to the resources he has to his disposal, so that the overall game of the US team will be much improved compared to what we saw during the game against Ghana.