Biography Coco Chanel Fashion Designer

Biography Coco Chanel Fashion Designer

Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel was born in 1883 in the small city of Samur, France. Her mother died when she was six and, soon after, her father abandoned her and her four siblings. The children were placed in the care of relatives but spent some time in a French orphanage. The stark dress of the nuns in this environment greatly influenced her later classic designs; the little black dress, squarish suits and mannish styles. He generously gave her the financial backing for her first hat shop, which she opened in 1913. Her real break, however, came in the early 1920s when Capel came to the financial rescue once again, this time for her famous dress shop, which was located at 31 Rue Combon. By this time, Channel’s “practical working costume” designs were very popular, so much so that she opened two boutiques; one in Paris and one in Biarritz. These shops employed more than 300 people in a time when jobs were scarce. In 1921 she developed the fragrance which would make her forever renown, Chanel No 5.

She never married and during the Nazi occupation in Paris made the Hotel Ritz her home. During this time she was highly criticized for taking a German military officer as a lover. She closed her boutiques and spent fifteen years in exile in Switzerland. In 1954 she emerged again and renewed her 1930’s designs. Once again, they flourished and she found work in the 1950s and 1960s dressing the stars: Liz Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Anne Baxter, to name a few.?Chanel passed away on January 10, 1971, leaving a fashion legacy that is unsurpassed to this day. The House of Chanel in Paris, remains one of the top design houses. Chanel herself once said: “Fashion is not simply a matter of clothes. It is in the air, born on the wind. One intuits it. It is in the sky and on the road.”

Gucci Wallet Is Also A Fashion Focus

Gucci Wallet Is Also A Fashion Focus

The focus of global fashion Gucci wallets, founder Guccio Gucci in Florence in 1920, the first opened by Gucci handbag store, focusing on material and process technology upgrading, and Gucci Outlet first name as a logo that will be printed on the merchandise to become the first classic logo design, making Gucci purse rapidly between 50 to 60 years, has become a symbol of wealth and luxury, 1994 TON FORD creative director, serving more Gucci handbag and created a new brand image I, the young , modern, attractive, sexy, dominated the pace of the fashion industry has become a popular creator, created the Kingdom of GUCCI fashion.

Gucci new purse fashion debut with a series of elegant women bag, in leather production process, the next most effort is needed and most sophisticated work. Rich experience of traditional leather craftsmen, leather jeans from France to the highest quality parts, the basic treatment, Gucci handbags to manually burn patterns and colors at different levels on the ground, and then after a special washing and polishing of natural wax the multiple processes, so that the depression than the leather surface marker pattern appears dark, as if the natural shape etched in the leather surface effect, but dumb tone leather, the moisture retained the natural texture of sebum.

How can I make bags easy to buy the brand with their own temperament will be able to reflect and enhance the taste of what fashion, Gucci Outlet Online order to see different colors on the bag to match it Gucci best too!

After the bag so that when you buy should pay attention to colors in order to show the best visual effects, and better able to enhance their aesthetic and taste.

“Contrasting colors” with the law: Gucci bags and clothes can also be a strong contrasting colors, this would be a very eye catching mix of methods. For example: red and black suits + red belt + bag + black high heels.

“Neutral +1 dotted color” with the law: that is coupled with a neutral color clothing embellishment color bag, so that will give you a very good match, for example: light tan dress + blue bag + tan high heels.

“Same color” with the law: bags and clothes were the same color mix of deep and shallow way, you can create a very elegant feeling, such as: a dark brown suit + camel bags.

And clothing with printed color echoes Law: Gucci Messenger bag unisex 201,447 fashion bags clothes colors can be printed in one color, such as: olive green base, beige, brown print dress + brown bag + brown high heels.