How to Put on an Awesome Fashion Show Event

How to Put on an Awesome Fashion Show Event

Decide on a theme. From invitations to goodie bags, the best way to enhance your fashion show is to tie it all together with a central theme. Whether the inspiration for your show comes from a movie or a decade in history, choosing a theme is a great way to make your fashion event unique. Your theme will determine the styles of clothing that you hope to have on the runway, as well as other aspects of the show such as the location, marketing and decorations.

Budget your expenses. Fashion shows often require more than just a few extras. Mind your budget for expenses that may include unusual lighting, backdrops, runway carpeting, a sound system or DJ, printed programs, refreshments and gift bags, for example. Not only should you factor these expenses into your ticket price, but also reach out to local boutiques, salons and businesses for donations and sponsorships. A little help can go a long way.

Step 4

Find your crew. Advertise for models and be specific about the requirements such as age, height and weight range whoever is best suited for the clothing being shown. Hold necessary auditions, pick your models and schedule fittings as needed. In addition to your runway darlings, you will need your trusty glam squad, which includes a hair stylist, makeup artist and fashion stylists. Choose hard working self starters with can do attitudes.

Step 5

Make an announcement. Spread the word about your fashion show; create curiosity and get people talking. Advertise in your local newspaper and put social media to work create a Facebook event, Tweet regularly and post behind the scene photographs on Instagram.

Rock the rehearsal. It is better to be safe than sorry; schedule two full dress rehearsals prior to the start of the actual fashion show. Make necessary changes and be sure to give everyone a pat on the back.

How to Put on a Paris Style Fashion Show

How to Put on a Paris Style Fashion Show

As one of the Big 4 Fashion Week events, sharing the stage with New York, London and Milan, Paris stands out for its outrageous and dramatic runway productions, which are more like theatrical spectacles than mere fashion shows. Fantastical set designs have included full sized carousels and even escalators to usher models down the catwalk. Creating your own Parisian styled fashion extravaganza just needs a bit of French flair to come alive.

Discuss hair and makeup techniques with a team of designers who can embellish the look of each model. Go for a Marie Antoinette hair and makeup effect or other stylized theme to bring in the overall Parisian concept.

Step 6

Build your runway stage. Decorate a backdrop in the shape of the Eiffel Tower or the entrance to Versailles. Use fabric or strips of ribbon to create an entrance to your stage. Get creative and use influences from your inspiration board to create a runway that will wow your guests.

Step 7

Decide on music selections with your DJ or emcee to enhance the entertainment value. Listen to French rap or caf tunes that will create the overall mood for the show. Time the music and make sure the DJ is well versed in mixing tunes and troubleshooting any potential problems that could occur during the actual event.

Run through the entire show order on location with music and models in outfits, if possible. Add lighting effects if the location allows and spotlight each model as they hit the runway. Create an itinerary for the day of the event and discuss it with all the participants during the run through so everyone is ready for the catwalk.

Step 9

Depending on the size of your fashion show, invite guests, special VIPs, photographers and journalists to attend. Market the event with various media avenues to draw your desired audience.

Step 10

Get ready for lights, camera, action! Oversee every detail backstage to make sure the models are being dressed and prepped in hair and makeup. Line up the models, cue the music, turn on the lights and du spectacle!’Indulge your fashion show attendees in an after party with champagne cocktails and French foods to celebrate your extravagant event. Contact a champagne brand or local restaurant for possible sponsorship. Include gift bags for your guests with marketing materials and swag from all of your participating vendors.