Sina micro-blog coins for fifa 18 shut down

Sina micro-blog shut down the spread of vulgar pornography account more than 5.3 coins for fifa 18 Inc; shielding pornographic web pages link 1.8 million, of its SkyDrive, centralized coins for fifa 18 Post Bar interactive products, a total of more than 593 clean up pornographic and vulgar information; NetEase, Tencent, Sina, Sohu and other commercial portals of vulgar coins for fifa 18 the information of each channel of Posts and comments in the clean-up, clean-up day volume of more than 1; quick disposal hut coins buy pornographic information platform daily coins for fifa 18 100 thousand The application of HUAWEI; market audit more than 9 APP apps, found the problem jurisprudence application of 155 models, all of them in the next frame coins for fifa 18. At present, most of the sites are on the home page and other important fifa coin trader of harmful information reported entrance, and to carry out publicity and coins for fifa 18 to guide Internet users, Internet users away from and resist vulgar pornography.9 on Sept. 19,