Platinum diamond jewelry maintenance

1, when you do housework, do not let the drill when drilling with oil or bleach, oil will affect the gloss of the diamond; bleach will make the metal spots.


2, should not wear diamond ornaments to do heavy work, although the diamond hard, wear, but according to its texture direction by the blow, it may be damaged.


3, do not diamond ornaments and other jewelry together on the drawer or jewelry box, because the diamond will be rubbed when the other jewelry scratches. At the same time, platinum jewelry and gold jewelry should not be worn at the same time, because the gold Cartier nail bracelet replica is soft, if friction with each other, not only will damage the gold jewelry, but also make gold stained in platinum, make it yellow, and difficult to remove.


4, each year due to the platinum jewelry to the jewelry shop to check, check the diamond and the set of whether there is loosening and wear, in order to timely renovation.


5, diamonds have grease on the sticky, sticky skin oils, cosmetics and kitchen grease diamonds will lose their luster, it should be cleaned once a month. Cleaning method is: the platinum jewelry immersed in jewelry cleaning fluid for about 5 minutes, remove the brush with a small toothbrush diamonds, and then put it into the filter with water rinse, and finally with a soft cloth to dry moisture.


Gold jewelry maintenance:


Gold jewelry is not very delicate, but not careful maintenance, will lose its initial luster and charm. In general, the following points are to be careful:


1, fine chemical substances will change the color of gold, so do clean work before you should take off gold jewelry.


2, to avoid direct and perfume, hair gel and other high-volatile material contact, or easily lead to gold fade.


3, swimming to remove the gold, so as not to touch the sea or water, the surface of the chemical changes.


4, when the custody of the flannel Replica Cartier jewelry wrapped and then into the jewelry box, to avoid mutual friction damage.


5, gold is relatively soft, easy to deformation, so do not pull necklaces and other jewelry, so as not to deformation.


6, gold jewelry in the case of mercury will have a chemical reaction, there are white spots, cleaning as long as the barbecue in the alcohol lamp for a while, you can restore the primary colors.


7, after wearing gold often due to stains and dust contaminated and lost luster, this time, as long as the gold placed in neutral detergent to warm water soak and clean, and then remove the wipe dry.


Gold jewelry cleaning methods have the following:


1, to protect the luster of gold jewelry, can be coated with a thin layer of nail polish above.


2, if the surface has a black silver film, available salt 2 grams, baking soda 7 grams, 8 grams of bleaching powder, water 60 ml, formulated as “gold cleaning agent”, the gold jewelry in a bowl, into the cleaning 2 hours later, remove the gold jewelry, rinse with water (preferably not hard water), then wipe with a soft cloth.

3, inlaid precious stones with a popsicle or match stick roll a piece of cotton, in the toilet water and glycerol mixed with wet, scrub the gem when its frame, and then polished with a flannel ring. Do not use a blade of sharp objects to scratch.


4, salt and vinegar mixed into a cleaning agent, use it to wipe pure gold jewelry, can make a long time often new.

How to wear Cartier love bracelet? Cartier love bracelet proper way to wear

Cartier love bracelet in two ways to wear, open, silent type. Open the handle directly into the just fine, the following Zokai for us to introduce the silence of Cartier love bracelet correctly wear.

Cartier love bracelet how to wear, has been, Cartier is the world’s big stars to attend the important occasion to participate in the favorite watch and bracelet brand. Cartier love bracelet replica also did not let its followers are disappointed, it noble and generous design with silver, gold, rose gold three colors, can be described as perfect. Many people buy Cartier Love series bracelet but will not wear.

Cartier love bracelet in two ways to wear, open, silent type. Open the handle directly into the just fine, the following Zokai for us to introduce the silence of Cartier love bracelet correctly wear. In general the purchase of silence Cartier love bracelet will be equipped with a screwdriver, this screwdriver is wearing a silence Cartier love bracelet key.

Cartier love bracelet correctly wear method, Cartier designer Aldo Cipullo was designed in 1969 to express each other love and loyalty “LOVE” bracelet. This with a “screw” design bracelet is the biggest feature, is required by the couple two people together to effect the effect of a special screwdriver to open to wear, the image of interpretation of the love of mutual trust and loyalty.

Zuo Kayi reminder: in the use of a screwdriver to knock on the silent Cartier love bracelet with a tape adhesive screwdriver open will not have scratches, and the other must be both sides open and then wear, or hard to bring strength The side of the screw off the oh.

Cartier love ring replica wears

For the early wearing bracelets, but also should pay attention to choose the size of the bracelet diameter, too small will be close to the wrist skin caused by uncomfortable feeling, and even affect the blood circulation; too large is easy to swing in the hand and fall off. For jade bracelets, try to wear in the wrist under the pad of soft objects (such as cushions and the like), so as not to fall in the fall and fall.

When the palm of your hand, you can wear four fingers, wear the bottom, and then into the thumb, this method is more suitable for the Royal bracelet, of course, round bracelet can also use this method. This method, the general note is that when the thumb into the time, the bracelet is easy to go back, so be sure to find the people around, help leaning on the bracelet.

We have to do is forget the first nba mt coins of things happen

Ariza said: “We have to do is forget the first nba mt coins of things nba mt coins, each ball is not the opportunity is different, everything is different, we need to forget the first field, focus on the second game up. It’s easier to do than in the series, but I think you need to do it in the series and understand that it’s going to move on, because the opponent may have such a performance and energy, so you have to nba mt coins that the game is completely different ” D’Antoni said: “They will respond, these guys have won the buy myteam points nba 2k17, you can imagine they will do that, I hope our guys can match or exceed their strength. No reason not to do so, what we present Has not won, we just won one, the series will be very long.

Lost 27 points to open the series is Popovich coaching career the myteam points 2k17 start last year, the Western Conference semifinals Spurs have 32 points victory over the Thunder to open the Western Conference semifinals, but in the end they lost that round nba mt coins. Anderson said: “See these championship flags, they are a great team. Well trained, they will not be a troubled troubles, they will play their best performance, we also need to come up with their own The best performance. ” And the Wizards of the first series, the green army star Isaiah – Thomas morning from the nba mt coins of his sister back to Boston, almost no rest will debut. In the defense he hit the Porter elbow, the front teeth fall, blood sprinkled on the spot. But the physical and mental double hit can not hit this determined man, he still scored the highest score, help the team to defend the home.