Barkley should turn to Baggio and Totti for inspiration – Hodgson

England manager Roy Hodgson believes Ross Barkley need to model his game on Italian icons Roberto Baggio and Francesco Totti because the Everton midfielder looks to add much more goals to his game.
Barkley struggled for kind and consistency in 2014-15 however the talented midfielder has impressed in a resurgent Everton side this season.
The 21-year-old has scored three objectives in all competitions, already surpassing his complete tally from last term.
However, international manager Hodgson has challenged the Everton star to develop into a goalscoring attacking midfielder, pointing to Baggio and Totti as inspiration.
“If you would like to be that midfielder, who is seriously a forward and who plays behind the centre forward, then you need to score objectives,” Hodgson stated.
“If I was a player in that position, I would be seeking in the real classic players in that position from the past. I would be seeking at Roberto Baggio in specific, who I had the pleasure of operating with very briefly [at Inter], and Francesco Totti.
“I’d be seeking at them and contemplating the truth that in their careers … they scored an awful great deal of targets. The way things are going – the significance of scoring objectives and how handful of there are – you can not possess the luxury of an individual who can play in there unless he’s going to become chipping in with a couple of ambitions.
“We’ve talked to Ross about that, he’s extra than conscious of it. I am certain [Everton manager] Roberto Martinez does as well. And I think he’s going to score objectives.
“I do not understand how lots of targets Baggio was scoring at the age of 19, 20 and I don’t understand how numerous Francesco Totti was, but for me that could be my template: ‘Right this can be the position I want; this can be the position I’m great at; I am going to provide some targets but I’m also going to score a couple of.'”
Barkley’s very first opportunity to meet Hodgson’s expectations in an England shirt could are available in the Euro 2016 qualifiers at home to Estonia on Friday and away to Lithuania 3 days later.

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while arrangements for the disposal method

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Landscaping the World of Albion!

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Depending on their tier, resources can only be found in specific regions so far. These regions used to look pretty much alike up until the last Winter Alpha, however, no matter what resources could be found in them. Did you find that boring? Yeah you did. We did too.


Deadlands: Resources up to tier 8. The twisted, gnarling branches of rotting trees and desaturated colours truly make it clear that these regions live up to their name.


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Scarce resources ahead

Our goal with this change is to make the different areas represent their in-game characteristics much more clearly than before. If you come from the Grasslands and enter the Redwoods, the environment should give you a distinct visual indication that you will be able to find higher tiered resources in them.


For the moment, the visual change between regions is limited to Tier 1 resources only – which make up the vast majority in Albion, though. That means, that a tier 2 tree in the Grasslands will look the same as one in the Redwoods – we don’t want to make it even harder for you to find them. At the same time, the higher tiered resources that are “new” in a zone will obviously be directly styled in a way that they visually fit into their particular region nicely.


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