FIFA 14: Many new details of the Pro Club mode revealed

On the official website of Electronic Arts once again went Buy fifa 14 coins in detail on the Pro Club mode of the upcoming Kicks “FIFA 14” one. As the leaders announced they made numerous changes to the mode before one who offers you the opportunity you against your friends and other Fifa 14 ultimate team coins players in “vs. 11. 11 “duels to measure. “We have spent much time to read our feedback from the community to the benefits, attributes and unlockable content. Based on this feedback, some changes have been made, “says EA.

It continues: “All attributes have been revised to mainly the area size and weight to gain more balance. We’ve all seen players in the top leagues in order to define the values. There are different variants to create its Pro and edit, so that there are various forms in which direction the Pro evolves. This then also has a corresponding effect on the game. Our aim was to feel a fully developed per realistic and should no longer be so overpowered. ”

Among other things, Electronic Arts talks of completely redesigned user interface that is designed to facilitate navigation within the menus. Having a look at the drop-in matches you added: “We are also concerned with the drop-in matches, as many players try this mode before they join a club or take advantage of it when the teammates are offline. In the first step, we have the “Play All” option in drop-in away matches, since in our opinion, leads to a less exciting experience for the players. ”

“For the same reason the number of players was drop-in matches on 5v5 reduced in, so that every player has the ball more often and may, at its preferred position for use. 11vs11 with randomly selected players could often end in chaos, in 5vs5 which is more likely. ”

For more details on this topic can be found on the official blog . This country is “FIFA 13” will appear on September 26 for the PlayStation 3 and November 29 for the PlayStation 4.