Conley and nba 2k17 coins continuous breakthrough succeed

Distal, tenacious grizzlies continue to chase points, Jermaine – Green hit nba 2k17 coins points, Conley and Carter continuous breakthrough succeed. With Jessica – Green and then in the third, the Grizzlies completed a 12-5 offensive, will be reduced to 4 points difference! Critical moment, Mills even two in mind three points, but the Grizzlies small plus vote, Harrison back to the long shot, competition competition tends to white-hot. 5 minutes and 30 nba 2k17 coins before the whistle, the Spurs lead 5 points, Leonard in the cast, break and free throws with 6 points, Mills soared in the nba 2k17 coins. Spurs a 9-2 offensive, the first three minutes ahead of the lead 12 points, winning in the nba 2k mt points. The last moment, the Grizzlies did not seize the opportunity to attack, Mills and then the third, David – Lee dunk, the Spurs will be extended to 17 points advantage, to seal the victory. Eventually, the Spurs home victory, the first to get match point.

Although the team is 1-3 in the big score behind, but Westbrook led the Thunder will never give up. Came to the Rockets home play series G5, Wei Shao and his team to fight all the efforts. The beginning of the game, the two teams have taken out the defense of the nba 2k17 coins, the first section of the Thunder only 22 points, but the opposite of the rocket hit rate worse, the whole section only 16 points. With a leading edge of the nba 2k17 coins into the mt nba 2k17 quarter was the opponent played a wave of counterattack climax, a single 13 points behind the opponent, half of the end of the Thunder 44-51 behind 7, Wei Shao 14 in 7 get 18 points 2 rebounds 4 Assists.