FIFA 15: All about the FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT)


After the FIFA Ultimate Team mode (FUT) of FIFA 15 in the form of interviews have tarnished short, it is now time to enter more deeply into the matter.

Clear and generously illustrated, we presented you all the new fifa 15 coins features of the popular mode of the Dream Squad tool up to the new player attribute.

The Dream Squad tool of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

This tool is ideal for team planners who want to know in advance what the next Spielerein purchase the team chemistry will affect. There is, buy fifa 15 coins on the website of FIFA 15 :

” So you really know what makes a winning team? The Dream Squad tool you get a great new team planning tool in which you can plan for future teams on the basis of the whole FUT player catalog. Use these teams to determine your next transfer market purchases, to find a substitute for your players or try different chemical combinations. ”

Friendly Match seasons of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

If you want to know if their own team or the friend is better, should have recourse to this option. A friendly game season lasts According to the screenshot 13 ??games long. Apparently it comes in this season just for the honor and not for the coveted coins. This can be read out from the description of EA – I could be wrong but me. Read and decide for yourself:

“[…] G ewinne seasons to become the current title holder – and garner a lot of glory ! ”

The Players out on loan in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

With the Leihspielern you admits FIFA 15 the possibility of a professional for important games you gain to pick up. And plenty of it, because if you want you can undertake for a limited period of such sizes as Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Ribery. How much will it cost, is not yet clear – cheap is not sure.

The Xbox-exclusive legends of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

On the consoles from Microsoft launched 15 new legends in addition to the 41 veteran. The consoles of Sony go again this year in this respect nothing.

The New Players attribute in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

FIFA 15 introduces the new PHY attribute. This is for physique and ” includes a player’s physical strengths, such as strength, endurance and jumping ability. “Using this attribute you can see at a glance how well a player can put on the court. Addiction is in her so after a good head-protecting FIFA 15 not only his header value, but also his physique value important.

So much for the Ultimate Team mode, which according to EA with 12 million players is the most popular game mode of FIFA series.

Who wants to know what the career mode has to offer from FIFA and how the team management has been revised, the corresponding linked article should read.
sake of completeness, here is the again the list of all the game modes of FIFA 15 linked.

FIFA 15 be released in Europe on September 25 for all popular systems except for the Wii U.

Supercell launched fifa 16 coins buy online

Supercell launched the two popular games — “and” tribal conflict “in the” Chinese island jones. First to talk about “tribal conflict”, the game was first released in 2012, almost no localization. Many Chinese players also remember, when this game is not even the fifa 16 coins buy online version. However, it in China gave birth to a called “COC” new game types, that is “tribal conflict” instant defense / strategy. As far as the island, Raiders, supercell decided to Kunlun game cooperation, the fifa 16 coins buy online market marketing, but did not on gameplay done revise ((Pocket gamer). “Island Jones” income and downloads are more than “tribal conflicts”. “Tribal conflict” and “Jones island” were among the China iOS revenue list TOP 20 fifa 16 coins buy online and eleventh (THINK GAMING). This fully proved to work together with China’s strong distribution partners can accelerate the development of
In 2013, “vs.Zombies2 Plants” (zombies) landed in china. The United fifa 16 coins buy online of the game for the United States to complete the game and the depth of the fifa 16 coins buy online localization. First, the game is known as the Chinese players. In a few months after the launch of the zombies 2, they have released a whole new game — the zombies 2: Kung-Fu (World), the Chinese players are more fifa 16 coins buy online with the game (WIKIA). Second, in the core gameplay, increased the contents of each fifa 16 coins buy online players will be able to understand, including: Xiantao plant, ordinary Kung Fu zombie, drinking monk zombies. They have even fifa 16 coins buy online the system design, creating a specific item that can be purchased with a hard currency, which is richer than the Western version of POLYGON (). The U.S. Electr Arts Inc also uses a free business model, rather than pay download mode. In eso gold kaufen, the first three days in the game set up a pay wall, which seems likely to be too radical in the Western players, but in accordance with the Chinese standards can be accepted in the design. fifa 16 coins buy online a result, revenue grew by 32% (POLYGON). In China last year, the game has become the fourth largest source of revenue (POLYGON) for the U.S. Electr Arts Inc’s Micro transactions. At the same time, the game in China’s fifa 16 coins buy online topped the list, becoming the top of the total revenue list of mobile games (POLYGON). Obviously, the strategy worked.

Barkley should turn to Baggio and Totti for inspiration – Hodgson

England manager Roy Hodgson believes Ross Barkley need to model his game on Italian icons Roberto Baggio and Francesco Totti because the Everton midfielder looks to add much more goals to his game.
Barkley struggled for kind and consistency in 2014-15 however the talented midfielder has impressed in a resurgent Everton side this season.
The 21-year-old has scored three objectives in all competitions, already surpassing his complete tally from last term.
However, international manager Hodgson has challenged the Everton star to develop into a goalscoring attacking midfielder, pointing to Baggio and Totti as inspiration.
“If you would like to be that midfielder, who is seriously a forward and who plays behind the centre forward, then you need to score objectives,” Hodgson stated.
“If I was a player in that position, I would be seeking in the real classic players in that position from the past. I would be seeking at Roberto Baggio in specific, who I had the pleasure of operating with very briefly [at Inter], and Francesco Totti.
“I’d be seeking at them and contemplating the truth that in their careers … they scored an awful great deal of targets. The way things are going – the significance of scoring objectives and how handful of there are – you can not possess the luxury of an individual who can play in there unless he’s going to become chipping in with a couple of ambitions.
“We’ve talked to Ross about that, he’s extra than conscious of it. I am certain [Everton manager] Roberto Martinez does as well. And I think he’s going to score objectives.
“I do not understand how lots of targets Baggio was scoring at the age of 19, 20 and I don’t understand how numerous Francesco Totti was, but for me that could be my template: ‘Right this can be the position I want; this can be the position I’m great at; I am going to provide some targets but I’m also going to score a couple of.'”
Barkley’s very first opportunity to meet Hodgson’s expectations in an England shirt could are available in the Euro 2016 qualifiers at home to Estonia on Friday and away to Lithuania 3 days later.

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while arrangements for the disposal method

One evening in early spring, the sky, such as ink.Albion Online Gold Bo is on duty received the order: the situation is urgent, quickly out of the police.
Cruiser immediately sent to gallop to do. As head of the Bo side guide loaded with the same group of comrades finishing, while arrangements for the disposal method, since the incident from close, just 35 seconds on to the scene.
The scene of the grim than expected: Tibia Gold“! Now disposal” thugs crazy chase passers-by, several Molotov cocktails braved the billowing smoke …… Bo with gesture command team to move forward. A mob cast two Molotov cocktails, Bo escaped after the attack warning shots. Not only did not stop the mob, but lunged to Bo, Bo and his comrades agile work together, decisively their uniforms.
Bo in the forward search,GW2 Gold a mob wielding machetes suddenly rushed out from behind a car. Bo sideways a hide, nose pierced his left arm, the blood, such as injection. Murderous thugs wielding machetes again, Bo left cheek was also cut open a hole 12 cm long. Staggering in Bo fell to the ground, the mob again lift up sword, Bo instinctively on the potential of a roll, pull the trigger …… mob fell to the ground, Bo also fainted due to excessive bleeding.
Bo was sent to the county People’s Hospital, the doctor on duty that night at the scene of Hong Yueyang filed so far is full of admiration.
Hong Yueyang told reporters,swtor credits Li Bo was face blood, badly injured, has been in a severe coma, but tightly holding bombs. Immediately wanted to give him treatment, he did not think he put the gun to hold tightly. Just when they are ready to remove the gun, Bo actually opened his eyes, and with a weak voice, said: “! Where are my comrades, we must first put the gun to him.”
In desperation, Hong Yueyang had recruited his comrades Zheng. After watching Zheng Bo test gun, fishes medical staff, he said: “Now the treatment of it.” His indomitable will and spirit of obedience, such as iron, deeply touched everyone.
The key moment burst out of power, from the usual beat thousands of times tempered
A heroic combat achievement may be accidental, but powerful hero Brave emboldened many times only to beat the tempered form.
Later someone asked Li Bo: Tera Gold“What is the power to let you in the case of seriously wounded, still desperate struggle with thugs?”
“Instinct. Quitting brave victory. Usually practice the skill, training bleeding, in order to have this reaction on the battlefield.” Bo replied caused officers resonance.
Instructor Xing Xiaohui said: “Bo strong ambition, no matter with whom he must race with.” He told reporters about the Bo Ikunori heart of the battlefield, determined Jingwu story.
By then recruits did not take long, the squad leader Sgt million Fang Yi Bo received the gauntlet issued: he wants to monitor than hundred million. To know Yi held squadron billion square meter record for several years no one break, the news in the squadron raged.